Community Engagement

North Valley Community Foundation is an innovative center for social venture. We provide visionary community leadership by identifying emerging challenges in our region. We address those challenges through bringing together diverse groups of problem-solvers, mobilizing resources, and equipping community leaders. We build and energize a community of engaged citizens and philanthropists who strengthen the common good.

Social Impact

We give legs to innovative social enterprises that benefit the community. Community-benefit projects sometimes need a place to incubate their ideas without having to become independent nonprofit organizations. We support, champion, and provide services to unincorporated nonprofit projects that benefit the community.

Program Sponsorships

North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) helps new community charitable programs without nonprofit status get off the ground by providing fiscal and administrative support as well as insurance coverage.

Social Venture Incubator

NVCF helps to identify and launch the next generation of high impact social ventures. We invest in genuine and bold ideas, providing them with a comprehensive set of innovative resources to profit the world.

Reading Pals

Reading Pals is a local literacy campaign started by community members who recognize the importance of reading and the implications that illiteracy will have on our community if the problem is not addressed. 

We are committed to providing every child an opportunity for an excellent education through one-on-one reading help for students who currently do not read at grade level with a focus on 3rd  grade.

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Community Leadership

We are a neutral convener—a nonpartisan “action tank” committed to regional problem-solving and collaborative impact. We act as a bridge, uniting neighbors and organizations that together can make a real difference in our community.


One of our greatest contributions to the community is our ability to bring people together to engage in public discussions and problem solving.


NVCF has identified a few community priorities where we have helped give leadership to community initiatives to address baseline community needs.


Community leadership requires collaboration and we partner with other foundations, corporations, nonprofits, donors and government agencies on cross-sector solutions that multiply our reach and impact.


Each of us has an important role to play in making our organizations and communities all they can be. NVCF offers the knowledge, skills and tools to help community members be as effective as possible in working with others to create the future together.

Whether you are an established or emerging leader or work in business, government, education, or public service, NVCF is dedicated to invigorating and strengthening your intention and ability to make a positive difference in your world.

Clean & Safe Chico

Clean & Safe Chico is an action group comprised of diverse organizations that have come together to address growing concerns about cleanliness and safety issues in Chico through collaborative problem-solving, resource-sharing, research, and advocacy. All participants vet the projects presented under the Clean & Safe Chico umbrella, but endorsement for particular programs, policies, and issues must be given by each individual organization to show support.