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North Valley Community Foundation is a dynamic organization that thrives on creativity and great ideas, and values commitment and flexibility. Transparency, inclusiveness, respect, diversity and integrity are among our core values. We are a public charity serving the vibrant communities that span Butte, Tehama, Glenn, and Colusa counties. We seek individuals who share a commitment to catalyze change and support the common good.


Strategic Philanthropy

The North Valley Community Foundation specializes in helping individuals, families and businesses create strategic philanthropy plans, working to help you identify the scope of your giving to maximize community impact. Our facilitation process results in a strategic philanthropy plan that identifies your giving mission, scope, interests, and procedures. Through this process, we harness your ideas to create grant processes that lead to tangible outcomes. 

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Community Engagement & Leadership

We are actively engaged in important, regional issues. By becoming a community catalyst through more strategic engagement with our philanthropic partners, we leverage our role in leading our community to more informed and strategic community engagement. As a neutral convener, we unite citizens and organizations that together can make a real difference in our community for greater social impact.

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Social Bank

The North Valley Community Foundation serves as your social bank where you can expect several distinct advantages as you make strategic philanthropy decisions that maximizes your charitable investment for greater community impact. Whether you want to restructure your giving or utilize the resources of NVCF to fully engage your dream for social change, there are many distinct advantages to a strategic partnership with the North Valley Community Foundation.

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The human capacity for compassion, empathy and positive action is overwhelming. It is this unshakable belief -that people are good and want to do good -that drives our work at the Community Foundation. After a decade at NVCF, my faith that together we can reduce the suffering in this world is stronger than it’s ever been.

Alexa Benson- Valavanis, President & CEO

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